Awarding The Valid Gemology Postgraduate Degree by University of Barcelona

اعطای مدرک معتبر گوهرشناسی توسط دانشگاه بارسلون اسپانیا

The University of  Barcelona in partnership with has attempted to hold the gemology courses in Tehran.

After long negotiations , at last has signed the cooperation agreement of holding gemology courses with the University of Barcelona.

According to this agreement, the courses will be held during the fourth semester in 2 years (beginning and end of each semester from September to June), and after completion of each course the Students will be tested. All the terms  and educational content are in accordance with the standards of the University of Barcelona.

It should be noted that all courses will be taught in Persian.  The design of the exam questions and also correction of the papers will be done by the Professors of the University of Barcelona, and after  translation into Persian will be available to the students.

To people who have a bachelor’s degree and successfully complete the courses, the Master’s degree (Post Graduate degree), and to those who do not, a diploma in Gemology, will be awarded  from the University of Barcelona.

Another advantage of this contract is that all the applicants to earn an international degree in the field of Gemmology, will be able to participate in FEEG exam. (Federation for European Education in Gemology)

It should be noted that holding these gemology courses , awarding the degree of the University of Barcelona,  and FEEG degree  is possible only by

You should know that the University of Barcelona, with a history of 600 years, has the   top ranked University of Spain.

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