Gem cutting , Gemology, Designing and Making Jewelry Education

Education is the most fundamental and important purpose of Argo company, because of it, we will be able to achieve the techniques and the skills in this field; therefore we could prevent the import of more than 20 tone gem stone to our country. Of course classic education along with updating technique could be one of the best solution for job creation and prevent outgoing capital from our dear country, Iran. In this regard, with presentation of the best quality in education ,we have been able to create the most modern gem cutting, gemology, designing and making jwelery workshop. Argo company with great effort, could import the international technique of this knowledge from the famous countries like U.S.A , Switzerland and Germany and present to interested people in this field.

It should be noted that at the end of each course the following certificates will be presented:

-the certificate of attendance in class by the technical and vocational organization

-the certificate of attendance in class by Argo company