Distance Education

تراش کابوشن
ست گوهرشناسی آرگو

Today, around the world many of training courses are held online and remote , and every day their audiences has been increased. Argo company after its successful experience in holding gem cutting and gemology courses and according to the great welcome of audiences of these courses, although considering that many fans can’t being present at the courses because of the distance, decided to present the educational materials online.

You can attend to my Argo and becoming one of the members of Argo get more familiar with this artificial and industrial professions and take the next steps with more assurance. According to newness of this field in Iran, this act can make the fans familiar to the educational opportunities of  gem cutting and gemology and help them to take a final decision easily. The interested by using the distance educational opportunities, can contact us by phone and ask all of their questions from our experts.